UCITS Catastrophe Bond Funds – assets under management


UCITS cat bond funds – a growing share of the insurance securities asset class

With strong catastrophe bond issuance over the past few years and again reaching record highs in 2021, the market for catastrophe bond investment funds has grown to support this expanding issuance.

As a result, the major UCITS catastrophe bond funds have grown rapidly, with some experiencing particularly rapid growth.

In 2021, assets under management (AuM) of leading UCITS cat bond fund strategies increased by 28% to a new high of just over US$8.64 billion.

More impressively, cat UCITS bonds are now up 58% since the end of 2019, so in just two years.

Assets under management of the catastrophe bond UCITS fund – By year

Our first chart shows the assets under management of UCITS catastrophe bond funds by year, with all figures quoted at the end of the year. Also, the current year is updated quarterly, so this figure is accurate up to the end of the previous quarter.

Assets under management of the catastrophe bond UCITS fund – Per month

Our second graph on UCITS cat bond fund assets under management shows the total by month, giving a more detailed view of the growth of the UCITS cat bond fund industry.

This monthly view also allows you to see periods when the assets under management of the cat UCITS bond fund may have fallen due to catastrophe loss activity or due to exits (including exits during the first months of the COVID-19 pandemic). It also shows more clearly the periods of greater influx of investors into the UCITS category bond fund sector.

* Estimated figures.

The data to create these charts is sourced from a number of public sources where UCITS catastrophe bond funds and their assets under management are listed, with the support and assistance of Plenum Investments AG.

Every effort has been made to include all relevant UCITS catastrophe bond funds, in order to accurately reflect the size of the UCITS catastrophe bond fund market and the amount of catastrophe bond risk capital currently provided by the class. UCITS category bond funds.

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